Wrong Turn? When Life and Business Intersect

business plan b

Have you ever just paused long enough to ponder HOW you got WHERE you are NOW?

Me too! I loved Biology, making it an easy decision to pursue a career in healthcare. I had my sights set on medical school. One problem: During an internship in my junior year of college, I was blindsided by the discovery of my fear of blood, as in, fainting at the sight of it. Now what?

It was too late to change majors and graduate with my class. I feared being one of those people who studied hard but never got a job in their field. Besides, I had always set and hit my target goals. Considering alternate options or seeking out people for guidance was unknown territory. Feelings of failure and uncertainty rushed in.

This was a BIG life lesson. Creating Plan A is easy. It is more important to be the Master of Plan B! What is Plan B? Is it only the worst case scenario? No! It is being aware of AND open to what other opportunities could arise. Then, having a proactive strategy in place to address or at least have one in mind.

Imagine you are stopped at a traffic light. You can turn right, left, or go straight. Each direction will create a different outcome. Sometimes a U-turn allows for a do-over. The real question is: Which direction will serve your needs or desires best? Even if briefly, think each through, then choose!

Although I still love Biology, Business (accidentally on purpose) became my professional path. Now that I think about it, business is a science! As a business owner, I research and experiment with different approaches or services, evaluate the data, make the appropriate changes, then learn from the results. I guide my clients through the thought processes associated with each facet of building a better company and version of themselves along the way.

In the end, I hit my goal in a roundabout manner. Having a Plan B would have reduced the zigzag and spared me a lot of anxiety, frustration, wasted time, and money.

Plan A is important to have. Become the Master of Plan B to Build It Better!