Wherever You Are, Be All There

be all there

Success in business is not just numbers and growth. The other day, I rushed out the door of my office, leaving the demands of the day to squeeze in a quick walk during my lunch break. I bounced down the steps as the office door shut behind me. I was grateful to be taking a break and making exercise a priority in the midst of my workday.

The air was refreshing but only a couple minutes into my walk my phone started beeping: text messages from a new client. I picked up my pace, scrolled through the messages, and started typing a response. But I didn’t send it. Instead, I closed the screen and I tucked the phone back in my pocket. In that moment I remembered a quote that I recently heard: “Wherever you are, be all there.”

I had to convince myself they could wait at least a few minutes. I continued asking myself how I could “be all there” in that very moment, unplugged from technology and the chaos of my workday. Then I breathed deep, took my eyes off of my inward focus and actually absorbed the beauty of my surroundings. The sun was warm on my face, snow was melting off the tree branches, the birds were singing their afternoon song and I whispered, “Thanks.”

Whether you’re wrapping up a staff meeting, typing up invoices, sitting across from a new client with a coffee in your hand, or spending time personally with family or friends, I challenge you to be all there.


By Andrea Warden