Time Is Money: Timesavers for Entrepreneurs

Efficiency is the name of the game at Agents of Efficiency (obviously) so we’re making it even more efficient for you to improve your business. Every week, we sort through all the boring stuff to bring you the best tips from the wide world of the web. For this week’s #2tips4tues, we examine mini timesavers for entrepreneurs that can make a dramatic difference.

Plan, then attack..

We often feel so busy that there is only enough time to work (nonstop, until we go home and pass out in our beds). But in truth, your ultra-hectic and chaotic schedule is not something you just have to accept. Paradoxically, taking 10-15 minutes to plan tasks each morning or the day before can actually save you time. Entrepreneur Adam Toren swears by a “plan, then attack” strategy that will keep your days organized and free of drama. If you don’t do this, you’ll be trying to prioritize as you go and work out all the messy details of each task, which can slow you down by hours.

Pick a tool..

In addition to errands and meetings, digital tasks can eat up a surprising amount of time when you have no strategy. TechBloke gives us several tools to speed up social media marketing and eliminate the boring tasks. Zapier helps you sync social media accounts and post to all or certain platforms. Pocket is another unique tool that assists in bookmarking and organizing content you plan to use later. Save images and text so you can reference them later or use them for blog ideas. It sure beats wasting time trying to find that one article you need to cite.