The AoE Guarantee

If our COO Solution doesn’t return a measurable ROI in excess of our costs, we’ll refund your money!

When you sign up for our Virtual COO package, it comes with a 6-month minimum commitment.

Much of the first two months of that engagement, however, will be spent defining “what success looks like” for our longer term relationship, including:

  • Initial Coaching Session and Launchpad Prep: The primary focus of this coaching session will be to define your most urgent pain points and agree on the makeup of your expert panel for your Launchpad Strategy Session.
  • Launchpad Strategy Session: Next comes a strategy session with a panel of experts hand-picked for your company to help carve out the most efficient path forward to alleviate your most significant pain points first, then build from there.
  • Follow-Up Coaching Sessions: From there, you and your coach will work to put numbers and ROI metrics on the strategy agreed on.


Bottom line: If you don’t see a clear path forward that makes sense to you where you’ll realize an ROI well in excess of our fee – fire us!

If you fire us within the first two months of our engagement The AoE Guarantee will be triggered, your 6-month engagement obligation will be waived, and we’ll refund any money you’ve paid us during those first two months. Truly risk-free.

What do you have to lose?