The $10,000 Question

Congratulations, you’re hired. You make $10,000 per hour and can work however much you want, whenever you want.

How do you spend your time now?

You’re rearranging your schedule already to do some of that highly profitable work and, most likely, making time for other priorities in your life now that you have the freedom to make more money in less time.

This a hypothetical, of course. You’re not hired — even though I still think very highly of you! But this question of how you spend your time is at the heart of how you should spend your time regardless of what you make as a small-business owner.

The point is that you need to improve your current schedule, even without making $166.67 per minute. (I did that math for you. You’re welcome.) Doing so is good for you, your family and it also, in effect, gives yourself a raise on whatever your hourly rate actually is. You deserve a raise. Give it to yourself. It’s easier than you think.