Taking a Vision Vacation

In the beginning of the 2004 movie Collateral, Max (Jamie Fox) is giving Annie (Jada Pinkett Smith) a ride in his cab. As she describes her stress from her job, Max tells her she needs a vacation, then reveals that he goes on vacation “a dozen times a day.” He flips down his sun visor to show her a postcard of Maldives Island. “When things get heavy for me, I just go there…,” he says.

The obvious connection here is the need for so many small business owners to take a vacation, even if only mental.

But wait, it gets better.

We’re encountering more and more business owners who realize that there are solutions to making their enterprise run more smoothly, building stronger foundations and deliver more value to their customers. That’s an exciting prospect.

But invariably, the process of untangling years of snarled operational wires is overwhelming. It feels like it’s getting worse before it gets better. Darker before the dawn. Rain before rainbows. Somewhere in the middle of the journey, they wonder “is it worth it? I should’ve just left well-enough alone.”

That’s why we start by developing a vision. What are you driving to? Why? What will your business look like when all these changes are in place? How will it impact your family? Your health? And how much better will all of that be than what you have now, qualitatively and quantitatively?

That vision is like Max’s postcard of Maldives Island. When the process of change becomes crushing, flipping down your sun visor and remembering your vision provides the perfect vacation. It gives you a new lift, fresh wind in your sails and renewed energy to keep going.

Begin to imagine the business you want, and let that vision be your driving force as you take bold steps forward!