Why You Should Go on a Social Media Diet


We consume more media now than we ever have in human history. The reason isn’t that we’ve gotten hungry, there’s just more of it — but we don’t have to consume it all. And we shouldn’t. It’s time to go on a social media diet.

Just because you can consume something, doesn’t mean you should. Chances are that there are many aspects of your life on social media that you could do without. There’s too much noise, too many ways to be distracted and waste time with people and information that do not contribute to your bottom line.

One way to address this is to simply consume less of it. Remove yourself from the noise. After all, much of the noise that is attacking you is probably hitting you from more than one source. Chances are if you remove one source you will still get the same noise and information from another.

I just spent about 20 minutes removing myself from at least a dozen groups on LinkedIn that I have not been utilizing for the past several months or more. There are now only a small handful of highly relevant groups with which I am associated on LinkedIn and it feels great to have let go. I also am disconnecting from people in social media who are distractions.

Take time this month to evaluate what is not significantly contributing to your productivity. Assess what you can do without and give those things the ax. You’ll feel lighter and more free. You’ll also be a bit more focused and productive because there are fewer distractions.

After a couple weeks, come back here and let me know how it feels. If you find you become lonely and bored and anxious because you think you are missing out, let me know because I will want to perform a case study on you.


By Ryan Gerardi