3 Questions you must obsess over - all day, every day

The Golden Formula one of the key secrets in our CEO’s celebrated international bestselling book, Live Free or DIY. A book that launched to the #1 spot on 7 bestseller lists last month and has been featured on over 300 media outlets.

At Agents of Efficiency, a lot of small business owners come to us who are starved for time and cash. This inevitably begs the question: How can they afford to make the investments required on the key pain points that caused them to reach out to us in the first place?
The answer to that — and the bigger question of how to ultimately take home their ideal salary — lies in The Golden Formula. 

  • Learn how to spend your time the right way
  • Discover the value of your time
  • Turn cheap (doing everything yourself) into efficient
  • Gain more focus, time, and profits 

YES! I want to take my business to the next level!

Your time is your most valuable asset. Our proprietary step-by-step process is designed to ensure you’re spending your time in the best ways possible. As you spend just one hour a week with us, you’ll easily turn it into 2, then 5, then 10. We’ll help you focus that time to explode the growth of your business.

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We turn over-burdened to overjoyed.


We help trapped, time-starved small-business owners re-discover the passion of running their own enterprise.

The Reviews

"As a startup founder, I recall the transition from concept euphoria to operational complexity. It was at this critical stage that I reached out to AoE. The breadth of institutional knowledge they brought to bear was extraordinary and priceless."

Richard Pinal

"I saw firsthand how the automation of day-to-day tasks was able to free up hours of time for employees to be creative and profitable. When the focus isn’t on mundane tasks, businesses can flourish. If you want your business to reach new heights, definitely reach out to AoE."

Rebekah Allen

About The Author 

Justin E. Crawford is the founder and CEO of Agents of Efficiency, a company that’s revolutionizing the way small businesses operate. 

Justin has been featured in over 200 major media outlets, from CNBC and network television interviews to Forbes and many other publications. He speaks regularly on the issues of growth hacking and startup & small-business operational process refinement. His expertise has helped both small and gigantic companies dramatically improve their operational efficiency, yielding profound savings and unlocking their deep potential for growth.