The Best Way to Earn Years of Free Marketing


As a small business owner, there are few things more rewarding than getting great referrals from former clients. To receive a positive referral, it means you’ve done a few things well:

  1. You met or exceeded the client’s expectations regarding your quality of work and/or service.
  2. You created a relationship with your client that they value.
  3. The experience you gave your client was such that he or she has to tell others about you.

I just recently got an email from one of my clients to a prospective client, with my address copied that included the following message: “I cannot recommend Ben (and Berks) highly enough. Ben is both knowledgeable and friendly. He is willing to work with you to get the design exactly as you want it and stands behind his work. During our remodel, I threw a few curve balls at him and he took them in stride. Out of the four quotes I got for our job, he was the second lowest and was willing to work with us to make sure we got everything we wanted for the price.”

Referrals are a very integral part of our business, just like most small businesses out there. If you can’t get others to talk about what makes you different, then you’ll have trouble making it in today’s economy.

The most important thing for our business is that relationship we create between us and our client. If I’ve done my job correctly, then I’ve just created years of free marketing material — and that is priceless.


By Ben Horning