Realistic Goal-Setting for New Business Owners

Efficiency is the name of the game at Agents of Efficiency (obviously) so we’re making it even more efficient for you to improve your business. Every week, we sort through all the boring stuff to bring you the best tips from the wide world of the web. For this week’s #2tips4tues, we tackle goal-setting for new business owners.

Mario Andretti of Wanderlust Worker recommends several strategies for making your goals realistic – two of which we’ll talk about now.

Develop Keystone Habits

We all know we must have a plan. But the day-to-day things you do will have an even greater impact than your plan. Your habits are what ground you in pursuing a goal – they take the idealistic and make it realistic. This is why Andretti recommends getting clear on what your fundamental, most important habits are – and then stick to them.

“Working out for 30 minutes per day is a keystone habit. When someone works out for 30 minutes every day, they’re more inclined to eat right, drink plenty of water, and take their vitamins. Why? Because working out is a keystone habit,” he says.

Know What’s Effective

The 80/20 rule states that the majority of your success will come from just 20% of your efforts. Therefore, it’s critical to sift through what works and what doesn’t, keeping consistent tabs on your regular tasks. Once you discover what tactics produce the best results, you can then expand those tactics to be most of your effort. Continue this process to further refine your journey toward a specific goal. Following the 80/20 rules allows for a consistent upward spiral of progress.