Frequently Asked . . . and Answered


  • Define “Boring”

    Actually…YOU get to define boring.
    Because it’s different for everybody.

    What are the tasks that distract you from your passion, drag you down, keep you up after your business day closes? What tasks make you second-guess actually running a business in the first place? What are the things you know you should be taking more seriously, but keep getting pushed to the back-burner again and again because you simply don’t have the time?

    For many people, they’re not necessarily “boring,” but just annoying-but-essential tasks.

    For others, they’re simply just “harder,” because they are not their core competency.

  • Define “Waste”

    We define “waste” as every hour of time, or dollar spent, that is not directly adding value to your client (via your core company product or service).

    Nearly all companies necessarily have some degree of waste (e.g. we all have to devote time/money to keeping a set of books and paying taxes), but a company’s goal should be to spend as few resources as possible on waste, and get the largest ROI possible on resources spent to add value to their clients

  • How are you guys experts in everything?

    We’re not.

    But when you’re connected to our AOE Ecosystem – our network of best-in-class service providers – you’re receiving top-shelf service in a wide variety of tasks.

  • What’s YOUR core competency?

    We’re experienced entrepreneurs with a core competency in growth hacking and operations management who have launched and run many companies in a variety of industries. Our clients think of us as the “big picture guys” — the efficiency experts who see all the pieces of the puzzle clearly and put them together in the way that’s best for your business. Creating efficiency to create wealth and happiness is our unending passion.

  • What’s the difference between you and a business coach?

    Simply put – our team and network of service providers.

    Your own dedicated coach is a central part of your process. But how many business coaches do you know who have a team of specialized consultants and expert service providers in their corner? How many coaches do you know that have access to a massive course library to deploy lectures and resources as relevant at any time through your journey to guide their process? How many coaches do you know will lock arms with you to execute on the strategy they help you develop? Because that’s what we do!

  • What’s the difference between you and a consultant?

    Consultant: Pay for advice.
    Us: Pay for results.

    We’ll provide the same level of operational strategy, but then we’ll actually take that work on for you, implement it, manage it and track it.