How Personal Vision Ignites Professional Vision

I’ve always been fascinated with what separates great leaders from good leaders. Is it superior talent? Unwavering work ethic? A teachable spirit? Wisdom beyond years? Precision of focus? Great coaching? An amazing support system? Good teammates? A balanced life? Humility? Compassion for others?

To all of those questions, the answer is yes.

Developing these traits is how we maximize our potential. And if we want to maximize our professional vision, it begins with our personal vision. Once we do, our dreams for our workplace, team members, clients and prospects come alive like never before.

Grab a pen and paper. What follows is a primer on how to get started right now.

Dream Session

Imagine what your life looks like one, five, 10, and 20 years down the road. Engage all your senses. Think about different areas of your life. Let your pen go wild. Be present in your future state. How do you feel? How do others feel?


Write down five positive outcomes you believe will come to pass in the next 12 months based on your dream session.


Write down three obstacles holding you back from those outcomes.


Interview one person for each of these obstacles who has overcome a similar barrier. This person can be living or someone in human history. If they are living, interview them. If they are someone from history, think through what advice they might give to help you overcome this obstacle.

Action Steps

Think through one small step you can take this month toward each outcome and have someone hold you accountable. Repeat this each month throughout the year, and have each step build upon the previous month.


Completing this personal vision exercise — and taking practical steps towards that vision — is how you ignite your professional vision.