Online Marketing Strategies, Part 2

high conversion rates

As you read in our previous post, there is an untapped area in your small business that has conversion rates 15 to 25 times higher than leads you get from the web. In order to lay the groundwork for taking advantage of this potential, we went through some online marketing strategies. We understood the growing trend of mobile internet use, we optimized our website for mobile browsing and enabled Click to Call from Google.

Now, here’s how you can take advantage of those high conversion rates.


Train Whoever You Have Answering Phones to Be Able to Close the Deal

It seems like common sense, but how much training have you given your employees (and not just your sales team) to be able to handle customer questions? Are the customers who call better informed of your products and services than your employees? It’s amazing how, even if you have a good setup for your call options, customers can end up at some strange departments. It’s important to give everyone training in how to respond to a call from a customer.


Make Everyone an Expert

Expect that the customers who are calling have read research, your blog, and looked into your competitors. Your salespeople need to have a higher standard of information at their fingertips to deal with the consumers’ increased knowledge. Keep all employees up to date on your business’s current offerings and train them to be able to quickly transfer a call to the sales staff if necessary. Don’t lose a potential sale by keeping them on hold too long.


Track Your Call and Conversation Analytics

Basically, call tracking will tell you which of your marketing efforts are the most successful in leading to customer calls. Then you can focus more on what works and discard the methods that aren’t. Using a program like Convirza allows you to track not only your calls, but what happens on those calls as well. By conversation tracking, you can see where your missed opportunities are coming from and in what areas employees might need more training. The main thing is to tap the potential in each and every employee and foster their ability to help a customer in some way.