Why We All Need Help to Be the Best We Can Be


Did you know you were created to be an amazing person, capable of accomplishing anything beyond your wildest dreams? It’s true. But it’s not always so easy to see this yourself. We all need help.

Every person on this planet is unique and capable of incredible achievements. Unfortunately, we can all be thrown off course, and it’s often difficult to find our way back. That is where coaches and mentors come in.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m imperfect and need help. I also know that I have big dreams and believe I am capable of much more than what I am accomplishing now. This is why I have always sought out mentors and coaches. It is also why I have had such great success in a line of business that I really shouldn’t be in.

My business is residential real estate, and my team sells a lot of homes. But if you had met me a few years back, there was no way that you would have believed I could be successful in real estate. The reason is that I am an artist by training — graphic designer to be exact. I am not a sales person, nor do I have the type of personality that lends itself to success in sales. Not only that, but my self-worth was based on whether or not people liked me. This need for acceptance does not lend itself to a successful career in sales. Chalk it up to good luck or providence, but when I decided to get into the business of real estate, I chose a company that would fit me perfectly.

When I earned my license in November of 2006, I choose Keller Williams as the place to practice real estate. This was pivotal because their emphasis on training, learning, and growth enabled me to become someone that I never knew I was capable of becoming. Despite my artistic training and my tendency to look to others as a measure of my success, Keller Williams and its training program enabled me to grow beyond my limitations and become an outstanding salesperson. Mentors and coaches have played a large part in that success.

Mentors and coaches have taken many forms for me. They range from friends who meet with me weekly and hold me accountable to my goals, to a book written by a giant in the industry, to several long time agents (thanks, Cindy and Bryan) and, more recently, a professional coach.

These people have helped me to create tremendous success in all areas of my life, not just business. Not only have I created a real estate team and career that is astonishing, but I have recently lost 40 pounds and I am in my best physical condition since high school.

We’ve all seen that acronym “TEAM — Together Everyone Achieves More.” Despite its triteness, this is absolutely true. We need others to help us achieve what we desire. Mentors and coaches can be found in many forms. Here is just a quick list of the various forms they can take and where you can find them:


  • Books/authors
  • Historical figures
  • Industry associations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • S.C.O.R.E.
  • Seeking those who are successful at what you do
  • Peers
  • Professional coaches


Whatever mentors and coaches you chose, take action, seek them out and make them a part of your life. If you have ambitions to make life all that it can be and accomplish amazing things, you will need those people at your side. The road to success is neither straight nor level. It’s not easy. You will need mentors to push you when you feel like quitting, to encourage you to keep going when you hesitate, and to celebrate your successes when they inevitably arrive. Don’t be average and don’t just settle for “life by default.” Seek mentors and coaches to make the most of what life has to offer.


By Chris LaGarde