Why Leaders Should Avoid Saying: “It’s Just Easier If I Do It Myself”

don't avoid problems

When businesses are struggling in certain areas, it can almost always a people problem or a process problem — and sometimes both. So when small business owners say, “It’s just easier if I do it myself,” they are usually trying to avoid the conflict of holding someone accountable.

They might have a process that is perfectly plotted in their heads but no one else can meet their expectations because no one knows or understands the expectations. The truth is that if it’s easier to do it yourself, you will have a very small business.

Learn to lead by:

  • building business systems and processes that are not owner-dependent
  • hiring great people and training them to do their well-defined jobs
  • getting out of the way and let them do their jobs

Once that’s established, follow up with them and ask whenever possible: “What do you think we should do?” If you don’t, you refusing one of your businesses most powerful resources: the people you’ve trusted to help your business grow.


By Ross Paterson


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