A New Roadmap For Effective Small Business Operations

Did you write a business plan once upon a time, but haven’t looked at it in years? If so, toss that useless sucker in the trash. Or do you not even have a business plan—and feel guilty about it? If so, feel guilty no more.


For most small businesses, a formal business plan is practically worthless. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a plan. In this section, you’ll discover a much simpler and more powerful tool. You’ll also learn about the Efficiency Roadmap process: your route to success.


  1. The planning tool your business actually needs, and how to use that tool to chart a powerful path to growth.
  2. Why the product or service you sell is not the core of what you do and what the core of your business really is.
  3. The key elements of the Efficiency Roadmap process.