The DIY Trap

How DIY Is Drowning Your Business

The chief problem facing most small-business owners is time and resource management. It’s a question of figuring out how to do the right things at the right times with the right resources. Pressed for money and intent on stretching every dollar, most small-businesses DIY everything they can. Part I of this primer will turn that conventional wisdom on its head.


In the coming pages, you’ll see how DIYing could squash your otherwise promising enterprise—and how you really can afford to hire the help you need. Just ahead are the strategies you need to set your business on the path to success.


  1. Why your time is more valuable than your money.
  2. Why confusing cheap and efficient will cost you big.
  3. How to tap into the start-up capital you never knew you had.
  4. How to use the Golden Formula to change the way you do business.
  5. How to build a team of experts—on a shoestring budget— to achieve more than your business ever could have before.