Find Courage Inside the Uncomfortable

Throughout my life I have seen people do some pretty outrageous things that left me thinking, “How in the world did they do that?” I’ve always put these fearless people in some special “superhuman” category.

A friend showed me a video of Danny MacAskill, who is a legend in extreme biking. In the clip, MacAskill climbed a mountain called The Ridge with his bike — and what goes up must come down.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but think that this guy is crazy. What would drive him to do such a thing? The more I watched, though, the more he inspired me. It made me reflect on my life. I started to think about things that may not seem as extreme but were times that I clearly stepped outside my comfort zone: the first time I went to the Middle East on a vision trip, the time I went up in a hot air balloon, the time I found the strength to forgive a family member, and the time I stepped back on the basketball court after being out of the game for nearly seven years.

Each one of us is more courageous than we realize. We are given a courageous spirit to do things that we never thought possible. Each time we step out and do something that stretches us, it’s an invitation to begin living a courageous lifestyle and truly become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Routine and ordinary is not what we’re made for. We’re made for the extraordinary — but it requires effort.

Answer these questions to begin getting comfortable with the uncomfortable:

  1. If you were writing a book on courage in this season of your life, what would the title be?
  2. What would the first five chapters describe as the most important aspects of living a courageous life?

Begin living these five things consistently in your life right now, and you will find more courage than you ever thought possible.