Exercise Your Mindset Like a Muscle


The world as you know it exists between your two ears with a strong influence from your heart. That’s why mindset is the first item of focus when I begin coaching someone. If your mindset is out of control or in the wrong place, it is impossible to accomplish what you want. To help boost your mindset or get started in getting it right, here are four practical tips.



Being healthy is not a program but a way of life. It includes diet and physical activity. It includes our psychology and watching what “poisons” we put into our body. By poisons, I don’t only mean  alcohol and drugs. That list includes sugar and caffeine, too. If you do not take care of your body, you cannot perform at peak levels. Therefore, you will not be able to live life to the fullest. You must make a conscious choice to be healthy and seek the needed support to make that happen.



I know exactly what you are thinking: SNL’s Stuart Smalley. That’s what I thought when the word “affirmations” was first said to me but they are no joke. We all have them whether we realize it or not.

An affirmation is anything you declare to be true, positive or negative. So be careful what you say to yourself. Every time you say “I’m stupid” after you forget something, or “I suck” after you lose a sale or a game, you are affirming those things, too.

Examine your current affirmations, be purposeful about what they are, and make new ones if needed. These affirmations should be said often and with regularity. Do it every morning.

A couple examples of some of mine are:

  • “I am purposeful about success. I prioritize my goals every morning.”
  • “I am willing to commit the time, the process and the effort it takes to achieve the goals I’ve set.”

A great coach is, among other things, an objective observer. All this means is that I give an outside perspective and help my client see what she or he didn’t see before. This skill is essential in pursuing peak mindset. Many people are their own worst enemy, and don’t even realize it. They tell themselves how awful they are, how they don’t deserve success, and on and on. Step back and ask yourself if what you are speaking to yourself is really true, and if it is serving you. If not, notice it and stop. This takes practice but I am sure you can see how harmful negative self-talk can be, and why stopping it is so important to success.



Have you ever pictured a heavy object you had to move in your mind? You probably pictured it as much larger than it really was. Once you got to the task, it wasn’t really as heavy as you thought it would be. Goals are similar. If we don’t have something to aim for or measure, we don’t see things accurately and truthfully.

My real estate team has a goal to sell 80 homes in a year. We measure our vital numbers, which include the number of contacts it takes to get an appointment and how many appointments it takes to get a closed sale. Because we measure, we know that we need to set approximately 200 appointments to complete 80 closed transactions.

As the year moves forward, we will be able to accurately measure if we are going to hit that goal or not. This is very important. Without that goal and measurements, we would be lost and not make progress. It’s not only important to just set goals, but know exactly how you will get to that goal as well.


Your mindset is just like any other muscle in your body. If you take care of it, it will be of great use to you. If you treat it badly, feed it crap and let it go, then you will reap exactly what you’ve sown. Take care of your mindset by following these practical coaching tips and see how it affects your peak performance.


By Chris LaGarde