How to Craft a Morning Routine: What Matters Most?

Efficiency is the name of the game at Agents of Efficiency (obviously) so we’re making it even more efficient for you to improve your business. Every week, we sort through all the boring stuff to bring you the best tips from the wide world of the web. For this week’s #2tips4tues, we look at how to craft a morning routine.

Ben Franklin said, “Wisdom lies in measured routine.” Exactly what that routine should consist of is widely debated. But no matter what the gurus tell you, there are many ways to successfully structure your morning. In fact, has compiled the morning routines of successful entrepreneurs, writers, parents, and others – each of whom reveals the method to their madness. If you feel you haven’t quite found your morning groove, here are two things to consider.

Know Your Rhythm

Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, your morning routine must take into account your circadian rhythm. If you’re not on a good sleep schedule, you’re unlikely to stick to a morning routine that begins at 6:00 a.m. sharp. One study stated, “early-risers went to bed 70-90 minutes earlier, woke up 60-80 minutes earlier and accumulated 27 minutes more moderate to vigorous physical activity each day than late-risers.” The early risers didn’t get MORE sleep, they just slept at more appropriate times. So if your sleep cycle is off, this is the first thing to tackle.

Exercise, Writing, and Meditation

Laura Vanderkam, author of, “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast,” found several key patterns in what CEOs do each morning. While the specifics varied, three recurring activities were exercise, writing, and meditation. Cultivating peace of mind, organizing your thoughts, and warming up your body will help you clear space for work later in the day. You’ll be more focused and better able to handle whatever issues arise.