A Primer to Live Free or DIY

Indeed, there are a handful of roadblocks that small-business owners persistently identify as the problem areas that prevent them from achieving success and, more importantly, the personal and financial freedom they crave. You’ll probably recognize at least a couple of these problem areas:

  • 1. Getting and keeping customers;
  • 2. Managing time and workload;
  • 3. Managing resources, including funds and staff;
  • 4. Dealing with red tape, from industry regulations to taxes; and
  • 5. Low revenue.

Agents of Efficiency is built on the fundamental premise that none of these roadblocks is insurmountable. Though many small-business owners face a disheartening cycle of far too much monotonous work for far too little financial reward, the strategies and resources necessary for overcoming that cycle are out there. Hopefully, this primer has instilled a sense of optimism by laying out, in no uncertain terms, the beginnings of a comprehensive strategy for leaving behind that old way of doing things.

And if you’re ready to free yourself from the DIY trap and to move into a different way of running your small business, and if you’d like a little help in doing so, well, that help is out there. Get started today.

Or you might prefer to keep reading in order to learn more about developing a laser-focused Business Model Canvas and establishing product-market fit. We’ve got you covered. Our blog has an ever-expanding library of practical info. Or grab a copy of the complete Live Free or DIY wherever books are sold. You’ll find it packed with essentials, from the digital tools that will give you the edge you need; to the specifics of breaking up the value chain and building a small-business C-suite; to budgeting, the ins and outs of incorporating your business, and proven strategies for time management. It’s all there.

Or, if you’re interested in speaking with other small-business owners about how they’ve handled the same problems you’re facing, join the conversation on our Facebook page, at facebook.com/agentsofefficiency.

Regardless of where your entrepreneurial journey takes you, I wish you all the luck. May you truly live free!