You Can’t Tweet Strong Relationships

social media

Social media has had a profound effect on businesses and relationships. As a business coach and consultant, the quality of my revenue is directly tied to the quality of my relationships. In fact, I can’t think of a business where this statement is not true. I have worked hard over the last 10 years to build strong relationships for both business and non-profit purposes.

I get one or two calls per week from partners, clients, and friends: “Ross, do you know someone who …?” And nine out of 10 times I can help make a connection, further strengthening two relationships.

This rarely ever happens on social media in the same way, even though a presence there is necessary. As you tap into all the productivity today’s technology can provide, here are a few ways to spend your new-found capacity to building stronger relationships outside of those platforms.

  1. Schedule regular face-to-face time with your best clients, employees, partners and suppliers. Don’t always have an agenda. Ask great questions, listen with empathy, and if it is true, tell them that they are doing a great job. We never hear that too much.
  2. Never eat lunch alone. There is something divine about breaking bread together. Business agendas and sales presentations take a back seat for a few minutes while we nourish our bodies with great Texas classics like chicken fried steak. Just remember to put your napkin on your lap and don’t talk with your mouth full.
  3. Sweat together. Ride bikes, hit the gym, play golf, or serve the community in a labor of love (Rotary, church, Habitat for Humanity, etc). When you join someone in an activity that they are passionate about, you are saying “you matter to me.”

Technology is fantastic, but we can’t build strong, revenue-generating relationships in 140 characters or less.


By Ross Paterson