Blend It, Don’t Box It

Blend your art, business and life

My wife and I recently began “experimenting” on our children.

And, no, we’re not diabolical scientist bent on world domination. I had enjoyed an article about applying workplace principles at home, so my wife and I are trying it out. We’ve introduced a regular family meeting, with all the trappings of the office: weekly agenda, core values statement, task breakdown, interactive accountability.

Being in launch-mode myself with a new venture, these things were relevant and, at least for the time being, part of me. I thought it would be a hoot, while also teaching the kids something valuable. But it’s also an exercise in escaping “the box.” I wasn’t trying to keep my business start-up process separate from my family, compartmentalizing my life into boxes and trying to live one box at a time, ever striving for the balance that is so often elusive. I stopped trying to do that a while ago because I didn’t want the stress any longer. It seemed like a game you can never win. No fun in that.

My code became far simpler: Just be yourself and blend it.

This slight shift in mindset replaced the anxiety of seeking balance with the calm of living my blend. To strive to be oneself in all situations, at all times, with all companions is liberating. It’s expressive and authentic and vulnerable and gutsy, all at once. It’s not concerned with the noise of the crowd. It’s art with a purpose. Your art, your purpose.

It takes special courage at times, like my friend who graduated law school and passed the bar exam but opted to open a coffee shop instead of following the common path of a law student. Many questioned him but he never questioned himself. He was working from a higher purpose, taking action in the short term to fulfill his vision in the long term, imagining his family and the entrepreneurial values he wanted his children to experience. His art, his blend.

Whatever it is you feel passionate about, just go out and be passionate. Do this as soon as possible. Create your art. Take action that feels right and share the best of you in the best blend.


By David Sill