The Art of Business Travel

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Efficiency is the name of the game at Agents of Efficiency (obviously), so we’re making it even more efficient for you to improve your business. Every week, we sort through all the boring stuff to bring you the best tips from the wide world of the web. For this week’s #2tips4tues, we study the art of business travel from the perspective of the business that asks its employees to do so as well as those who are asked.

Forbes takes a look at some important ways to minimize the downside of business travel for employees by “encouraging or imposing work-time limits. In a vibrant global environment, employees are often expected to be available 24/7, participate in early morning or late night conference calls, and travel for their business meetings outside of their working hours. All of this compounds the possibility of disrupting sleeping routines.” This could include mandatory vacation and blackout times for phone calls and e-mail.

In the effort to save a dollar, some people will endure a layover — or two. This is not efficient. The extra money for a direct flight will prove to be well worth it over the long haul. Business Insider offers several travel tips from business-trip pros, including this: “With each connection, you are not only increasing the amount of time it takes to get from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B,’ but also increasing the amount of risk. With each leg, there’s a possibility for a delay. If your first leg is delayed, you risk missing your second leg, which then compromises your third leg, etc. If you can reasonably afford it, pay a premium for direct flights. This will save you a lot of stress and wasted time in uncomfortable airports.”