Are You An Awesome Boss?

awesome boss
by Steve Van Valin, CEO Culturology

I hope you’ve had at least one awesome boss in your career. They are rare and precious. Based on my own personal experience, I’ve had more toxic bosses, than awesome bosses. How about you? Do your own quick reflection of your past experiences. Is that true for you as well?

How we define “The Awesome Boss”

An awesome boss is a leader because others are willing to follow. They inspire and bring out the best in people. They are advocates for their team members and support them to be successful. Winning together is more important than looking good on their own. They model accountability and drive ownership of results. They give respect and earn it in return. They tap into the wisdom and energy of the team through collaboration, and a desire to improve. The awesome boss is someone you want to work with, learn from, and emulate.

Awesome bosses are so compelling and powerful; they can create their own positive sub-culture, even within a toxic environment. One of our goals (to shape culture) is to create a tipping-point where the majority of bosses reflect the awesome boss attitude of performance.

Do the people on your team think of you as the awesome boss?

What’s standing in the way of making it happen? Wouldn’t it be incredible to have that type of stress-free positive relationship with them?

I’m willing to share everything I’ve ever researched or learned about this subject with you for free (because I think it’s that important as a positive change-maker!).


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