Answer These 5 Questions to Silence Self-Doubt


We all have an internal dialog as we go throughout our day, but some of us are infected with self-doubt and thoughts like these:

  • “I am an idiot.”
  • “Why did I do that? I am so stupid!”
  • “I don’t deserve that. I’m not good enough.”

Voices like these are destructive and defeating. They are also lies, which is why we must find ways to disregard them. It’s not always your conscience talking.

We all have a purpose and a mission. In order to fully realize it, we must identify what holds us back. The lies we listen to about ourselves are a strong force. When we agree with them about our identity, they inevitably come through in our thoughts and actions.

We all have a picture of ourself in our mind of who we believe we are. That picture is created by us as we grow, and is shaped by those around us. Some of that picture could be “great at sports” but other parts of that picture could be “suck at math” or “no good at art” or “can’t sing — at all!”

By the time we hit our 20s, most of that picture is set — but it usually is set with both truth and lies. One of the keys to discovering who we truly are and what our mission is depends upon discerning truth from lie. That means paying attention to that ongoing conversation inside your head. If you can be objective about that conversation and question what you hear, you will gain clarity and a truer picture of who you really are.

When you hear those negative assessments, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why is that important to me?
  2. Where else does that show up in my life?
  3. Is that statement true?
  4. Does that energize me or does it drain me?
  5. Am I operating from fear or from faith?

A friend, mentor or coach can help you become an objective observer of your internal dialog. But whatever the way, you cannot ignore the spiritual side in discovering who you truly are. There is an enemy, a force, that wants to prevent us from truly understanding who it is that we have been created to be. This is why every epic story has a villain: “The Hunger Games,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Star Wars,” “Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Matrix” all reflect something within our own lives. We all have great purpose, an epic battle to fight — and there is an enemy that wants to prevent us from winning.

Take action now, and begin to become conscious of that conversation that happens inside your head. Choose to begin down that road of becoming who it is that you were created to be.


By Chris LaGarde