6 Tenets of a Good Vision Document


Sometimes entrepreneurs lose track of their purpose and mission for owning a business. They don’t notice that they’ve lost their vision until they detect something not working and re-evaluate their position. Times like this illustrate why it’s important to have what I call a Vision Doc.

A good Vision Doc is a document that clearly defines your “who,” your “what,” your “why,” and your “how.” It provides general direction without specific tactics or milestones, but it is specific in its core values and objectives. I about this at more length in a post titled, The Importance of Having a Good Vision Document for Your Business.

The key tenets include:

  1. Vision
  2. Strategy
  3. Opportunity
  4. Mission
  5. Key Objectives
  6. Keys to Success


If you do not have a Vision Doc, then you might want to consider creating one. If you do have one, then take a look at it. See how yours compares to what I am showing you here. These six tenets apply to every aspect of my business.

The verbiage in my document has new meaning to me now from when it was originally crafted. For instance, Key Objective No. 1: “To build relationships with people and businesses through a sense of humility and service.”

What I know about the importance of relationships and the value they have in your business makes me wonder how I ever got along five years ago. And “getting along” does not cut it. With relationships, you have to go above and beyond, every time. Each time you fail to do this, it is a missed opportunity.

Having a good Vision Doc to reference is a good way to check your relationships and opportunities at the door. If they are not supporting your Vision Doc, then something has to change.


By Ryan J. Gerardi


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