3 Untapped Lead Generation Resources for Small Businesses

Where do marketers get their leads? As you might’ve guessed, there is no magic hat from which they pull them – the answer to lead generation is much more transient. In recent years, companies have adopted a variety of strategies as technology gives us seemingly infinite possibilities to creatively connect with potential customers.

All business owners know that lead generation resources are going to help keep them in business. But it can be exhausting trying to invent unique ways of obtaining leads. So if discouragement has set in, or if you’re just looking to spice up your lead gen strategy, fear not. Here are 10 frequently overlooked methods for strengthening your business with fresh leads.

Gated Videos

What on earth is a gated video? Essentially, these are videos that directly prompt your audience to take the next step. Gated videos allow viewers to get a dose of your content before asking them for more information. Viewers can then fill out a short form in order to continue watching. As always, enticing, quality content is key for this strategy to pan out. Be sure that your videos give viewers the information they are desperately seeking. If you truly address the interests of your audience, they’ll have no problem providing you with a bit of information to stay in touch.

If you don’t want to stop viewers mid-way through a video, at least include a sign-up form at the end of each video. The videos you produce should include a final call to action to prep viewers for filling out the contact form. This concept of gating content is nothing new, but consider whether you are employing it in all the ways you can.

LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn is the most powerful social media platform for lead generation, blowing other popular sites out of the water. A Hubspot survey of 5,000 small businesses revealed that LinkedIn was 277% more effective than Twitter and Facebook. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as LinkedIn is the most career-focused platform. In addition, users are likely in “business mode” when they log in, unlike with other social platforms. Companies can use this to their advantage by publishing content that positions them as thought leaders and attracts the attention of those they are most able to serve.

Social Hubs

Isn’t it frustrating how a blog post you worked so hard on gets just a few minutes of airtime and a small handful of clicks? Especially considering Facebook’s new limitations for business pages, social media posts may not always receive the exposure you’re hoping for.

You spend so much time crafting content, why not go the extra mile to ensure it gets decent exposure? Social hubs can assist you in this. By embedding a social hub right into your website, your social posts can be collected into a grid format. Include calls-to-action within social hubs to catch more leads. Content marketing platform, Uberflip put their money where their mouth was and converted their entire blog to a social hub. After one month, their email subscriber list didn’t double – nor did it triple –  it rose 9 times higher.

Lead generation done right can give you a sigh of relief – it’s good to know when you’re on the right track and seeing results. Most importantly, remember that generating leads is a give and take process – you want to provide valuable information and receive it too. Try incorporating these resources into your arsenal and watch the leads start trickling in.