#2TIPS4TUES: The Shower as an Idea Incubator


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For this week’s #2tips4tues, we look at creativity while you’re scrubbing up. If you never spend time in the shower thinking about how to do a given job better, you should be seriously questioning whether or not you’re the right person to be doing that job.



Over at Fast Company, John Paul Titlow delves into the wonders of the shower and the book Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind by Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire. Titlow writes that the shower as a place where breakthroughs happen is not just a cliché: “Standing naked beneath a stream of hot water and letting your mind wander is good for your creativity. In a chapter that explores the links between creativity and various solitary activities (spoiler alert: Both daydreaming and taking a walk are encouraged), Gregoire and Kaufman confirm a hunch many of us have had. Something about the absolute isolation of our morning shower makes an excellent incubator for ideas. Woody Allen is just one famous person who touts the creative benefits of a long, hot shower, but he’s far from alone.”



Eric Barker sites Kaufman at The Observer, too, who “found that 72% of people have new ideas in the shower — in fact, far more often than when they’re at work. Here’s (Kaufman): ‘We did this international study and found that more people reported having great insights in their shower than they did at work. Disconcerting, I guess. It seemed like there’s definitely some benefits to being in a relaxed state.’ So step into the shower with more than soap — bring a problem to noodle on. You’re primed to be at your most creative, so take advantage of the opportunity. Your rubber ducky is giving you the ‘Eureka’ moment you needed.”