#2TIPS4TUES: The Many Ways to Lead

Leadership styles

Efficiency is the name of the game at Agents of Efficiency (obviously) so we’re making it even more efficient for you to improve your business by sorting through all the boring stuff to bring you only the best tips from the wide world of the web. Here are tips on some of the many ways to lead for this week’s #2tips4tues.


Emotionally Transparent Leadership

Vivian Giang writes at Fast Company that today’s employees “want transparent, authentic leaders, not the tightly controlled ones of the past. That often means someone who is emotionally reactive and says what they feel, no matter what the consequences.” This is great for employees who “want immediate direction and guidance. People gravitate to transparent leaders because they know exactly where they stand.” But there’s a downside, too: “When these leaders don’t know how to modulate their emotions, things can go ‘very, very bad,'” Karen West, a psychologist, told Fast Company. If employees are stressed, “it can bleed over everyone else. If this particular person is in a bad mood, it ends up being emotionally transmitted through the rest of the organization.”


Two-Way Leadership

Shellie Karabell writes at Forbes that it’s important not to “confuse arrogance with confidence, or being open-minded with being a pushover, especially in communications. You’re delivering a message – don’t let your presentation get in the way of the content.”